Why should I work with SD surrogacy consulting verses going to an agency directly?

With nearly three hundred surrogacy agencies located just in the state of California, it can be an overwhelming experience to find the right one with the right surrogate. This is where we come in! We will do the research and find the best agency with your ideal surrogate for you. We have professional relationships with ethical agencies in California, Nevada, Florida, Oregon, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Washington, Texas, Colorado and Hawaii.

Let us make the phone calls, review the surrogate profiles, and save you time and energy.

Is SD surrogacy a full service agency?

No, we are not a full service agency. SD surrogacy is a matching searching service that will do the research and locate your ideal surrogate and full service agency for you.

Once I am officially matched with my surrogate and agency, what are the next steps?

Your chosen agency will guide you through their paperwork and agreement with their company. Once that is completed, they will assist you with the process of guiding your surrogate with the necessary screening process. This includes psychological, and medical evaluations, legal process, and then support you and your surrogate during the surrogate pregnancy and birth!

What do we charge for our services?

Matching surrogate service: ​$2,500.00 (one time fee)

This service includes our dedicated client focused director, who will carefully manage your case with care, with ensuring a potential match within 2-5 weeks.

Vetting on all surrogate candidate profiles we acquire on your behalf. Reviewing and research on surrogate profiles, as well as feedback on all profiles to ensure the selection process is handled with care.

We will assist and coordinate with the medical records review process with your IVF physician.

We will do as much follow up with potential agencies to make sure your questions and concerns are properly answered in regards to the surrogate profiles that you are interested in.

Our team will also be delighted to introduce you to the best professionals in the industry of third party reproduction. We have referrals for IVF physicians, reproductive law attorneys and surrogacy psychologists.

Guaranteed matching service$5,000.00 (one time fee) please ask for details.

Independent surrogacy management **based on exact services your case needs. We can provide a detailed cost analysis.

What are the initial steps to work with SD Surrogacy?

The first step is to click on our contact form and fill out your information. We will then contact you by email and schedule a free consultation. During this initial consultation, we will provide you detailed information on all required and recommended steps of your surrogacy journey. Our goal is to prepare you for this life changing journey. We will also  take note of your goals, and expectations.

If you decide after your free consultation that you would like to use our services, we will send you the necessary paperwork to move forward, collect payment, and then start our search for your ideal surrogate and agency.