Surrogate Carriers

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate?

Even though we are not a full-service agency, our team works with the most reputable ethical agencies all over the United States.

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, we would love to speak to you! Finding the right agency can be very overwhelming. We can take the stress off you and guide you in the right direction. We can also make sure you are making the right decision for you and your family to become a surrogate carrier. 

Our team can also save you time and research if you speak to us first. We would love to hear about your needs and expectations in your future surrogacy journey. We would never want you to feel pressured with signing up with one agency and then being pressured to match with a couple that you do not connect with. Some surrogates only prefer to work with a couple that lives in their own state, some surrogates only want to work with a couple that lives in the U.S. Some surrogates prefer working with an international couple and some surrogates only prefer to work with Gay couples, whatever your preference and needs are, we can do the searching for you.

Unfortunately, not every surrogate is happy with their agency they end up choosing. For instance, even if your friend had a great experience with her journey, you may not have the same experience. So much needs to go into “Finding the compatible match” and so much needs to go into “Finding the compatible agency” as well.

How We Can Help

With finding the right match with the right couple, you both must have the same goals in mind. For instance, are your Intended parents going to prefer you eat organic food during the pregnancy? And are you OK with that? This is just one example of the many pregnancy health requests that can be made to a surrogate. Each parties’ expectations should be discussed and agreed upon during the match meetings. Also, personalities should be compatible to each other, and not only should you and your IP’s have the same goals in mind for the surrogacy pregnancy, but it is great if you both get to know each other and find out that you have a lot in common. This is a couple that you could spend the next year or years being matched with, that It why it is so important that you and your IP’s (intended parents) connect in a way that provides a foundation for a true respect and friendship. This is not only healthier for you, but healthier for the bundle of joy you will be carrying for them.

With finding the right agency, the agency you decide to work with should be there to give you the right amount of support you need. Each surrogate has different needs, and your agency should be experienced enough to tailor to those exact personalized needs. Not only should they provide the support you need, but also guide you with respect and professionalism. This means making sure your compensation is paid on time and accurately, answering and returning urgent calls, answering emails within 24 hours, and making sure they are updating you in a timely manner of each step of your surrogacy journey. You should never feel like a burden to them, and you should never not know what stage you are at in your journey. Agencies also should be working with a trusted escrow holder to hold your compensation funds paid from your intended parents. Your agency should also have professional relationships with reputable reproductive attorneys and if there is an unexpected emotional issue with your journey, they should be able to put you in contact with a supportive empathetic psychologist to provide you the tools you will need.

Below are some of the qualifications that IVF physicians have in place to becoming a surrogate carrier.

*U.S. Citizen

*Between the ages of 21-40

*Uncomplicated pregnancy or pregnancies


*Non-vape user

*Non-drug user

*Non-marijuana user

*Must not be on anti-depressants

*Stable lifestyle

*No criminal record

*No more than 5 pregnancies

*No more than 2 c-sections

*BMI under 32

*Already a Mother and raising your child

If you believe you qualify to become a surrogate and wish for us to help you start your surrogacy journey, please fill out the form below, we cannot wait to speak with you on this life changing endeavor!